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Kungsleden Swedish Hike

August-September 2011 | Northern Sweden

430km of the Swedish Kungsleden (King's Trail) hike. 4 weeks of backpacking in the worst Swedish weather in the region for 25 years.

Greenland Fieldwork Expedition

July-August 2011 | Leverrit Glacier, West Greenland

One month spent working on the edge of the Greenland ice cap, assisting with scientific research to enhance models of how glaciers are reacting to climate change.


July 2011 | Spain

Mountaineering on the ridges and peaks of the Spanish Pyrenees, including Les Espadas ridge, Brecha de Rolando and Monte Cilindro.

Alpine Mountaineering & Sport Climbing

June 2010 | Aildefroide, France

Planned alpine mountaineering based in Aildefroide, France goes wrong when biblical rain floods half of France. The result is the discovery of incredible sport climbing in Les Calanques.

Wild camping in Norway

July 2009 | Jotenheim & Rondane NPs, Norway

17 days of wild camping and exploration in central Norway. A week in each of the national parks, with summits of a variety of significant local peaks.